Online baccarat

Online baccarat – variations, Bonuses and more

Baccarat is a simple card game as it depends on chance to win rather than luck. Its name is derived from an Italian name baccarat which means zero. In casinos baccarat is played on private rooms where the minimum amount of bet can be 25$ due to low house edge and less number of tables. Millions of dollars are seen changing hands in single play round. We don’t need to spend large amount of money when playing in online casino where minimum bankroll can be a single dollar. We have advantages playing on situs judi online terpercaya like variety, bonuses, safety and many more.

Different variations

Only one type of baccarat is only seen in many casinos. But in online casinos we can play up to six different variants of the game European baccarat, baccarat en banque, chemin de fer,  mini baccarat and American baccarat. Basics like 10 and face cards having 0 value are same but rules of drawing third cards are different. Some casinos acquired live casinos where we can play most realistic game online from anywhere.

Online baccarat


Bonuses are offered in online casinos which made players more attracted to play online games. There are different types of bonuses like signup bonus which is given when you start playing in the online casino. In baccarat all you need is to have money to bet. When you have 100% bonus that is same amount of your initial deposit naturally your winning chances are doubled.

Reload bonus is credited whenever you deposit money to your playing account. These are less compared to welcome bonus but are still profitable in long run. Also many online casinos have reward points for their regular customers, which are redeemed get more cash bonuses. We get rewards through payment methods we use.

More game options

In regular we can bet on player’s side, bankers side or tie. However there are more betting options like player pair that is the cards drawn on player side are same, cards on bankers side pair, either one side has same cards, the total count on either side is a small number or a big number. However these betting options have their own risks.

In online casinos there is an option called progressive baccarat and jackpot. It follows the basic game principles but there is an option to place side bets and another bet is placed so that you can participate to win jackpot. We place a bet on one of the main bets and the amount is stored in golden spot. The amount on jackpot is increased by playing more bets in golden slot. Casinos usually pay 10,000 times the amount in golden slot.

Customer support

Online casinos are accessible for 24/7 and 365 days. Customer care is always at our disposal to verify our doubts and resolve the errors in the game. We can mail them, place a question on the page or directly call them. Most reputed casinos are operated with high security levels, which enable players to not care about cheating in games.

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